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The Moldmaker has been designing, producing and testing molds for all segments of the industry since 2001. Starting from an idea or a sketch we offer you support in every step of the way towards a mold that fully meets your demands. Our excellent expertise and modern machinery guarantee you a solid product.

Advice adds value

With our high-quality products and extensive technical support during all steps of the production process we guarantee you a carefree production process: you can count on us! For example, we set great store by a complete advice before the production starts: a way of working that proves its added value daily. Our approach is furthermore characterized by strictly meeting the delivery date and offering a right price. Apart from products of the highest quality, we continuously strive for maximum customer satisfaction: we make sure that you need not worry about the molds, enabling you to concentrate on your core business.

Producing even more efficiently

We can also be of assistance to you with regard to calibrations to existing molds to optimize the injection molding process or to further improve certain characteristics of the final product. It is our pleasure to help you let your production process run even more efficiently. Moreover, we can repair existing molds for you (in case of breakage, wear…).


Because of our knowledge and experience, The Moldmaker is one of the leading mold manufacturers in Belgium. In order to guarantee the quality of our molds we use modern and innovative machinery from well-established brands. We continually invest in development. Apart from that, our expert employees have an extensive knowledge and creative mind; this will guarantee a mold of the highest quality.

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