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The Moldmaker has years of experience in producing customer specific solutions for companies in different types of markets. Our expertise and reliability have established our name in the market, both for OEMs and for injection molding companies and design agencies.

One-stop shop for OEMs

For OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) The Moldmaker is a one-shop toolmaker: for your company we can realize molds that fully meet your technical requirements and expectations, starting right from the idea. Does your product require multiple synergies? Then you can count on us for the examination settings needed. The Moldmaker ensures you of a clear approach and full process support, from idea to prototype and from prototype to mold.

Partner for injection mold companies

For injection molding companies, The Moldmaker strives to be a preferred supplier: it is our pleasure to advise you in order to have your production process run (even more) efficiently. In fully tailoring the molds used to your production process – though it might make them more costly – profit is ascertained, both in large and smaller processes. You do not have to do anything: in modifying the mold we ensure that your product can be produced perfectly.

Full partner for design agencies

The Moldmaker collaborates with different specialized design agencies: we are glad to help you in transforming the designs into prototypes. You can solicit our expertise for a technical examination of your sketches. As full service partner we can take care of optimizing your creativity. That way you can continue to concentrate on your core business, being designing and developing great and functional products.

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