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Analysis and definition

You are planning to realize a product, but do not have a sketch yet? Then we are happy to make one. A good sketch is an important first step in the process; it avoids having to adjust molds later on, or remaking them, thus leading to a considerable cost reduction.

Design and engineering

On the basis of the sketch (you can also have a design agency make one) we next consider the production processes, choice of materials, the biotechnology, planning, and so on. With the test running by means of a 3D printer you can already gauge the market for interest.

Developping prototypes

Ready to start the production? Then on the basis of the product sketch we draw up a tender. You have the choice between budget molds (for small series, samples and prototypes) and product molds (for a full production).


We will produce your mold ourselves or we can call in a (foreign) partner, depending on your demand. In every way we will make sure that the mold perfectly meets your requirements and expectations, performing the modifications necessary for that.

After sales

With the mold being made and adjusted, it is ready to be tested! The first samples of the products from the mold arrive. It could be that you prefer to make the prototypes yourself. If not, then you can solicit The Moldmaker or one of our channel partners.

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