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Well-produced prototypes are essential for a correct judgment of the characteristics and applicability of the design you wish to use. The Moldmaker is ready to assist you to completely adjust your prototypes to your customers’ demands or to any test results. It is one of our core activities.

Improved result

The Moldmaker offers you the possibility of prototyping. This step enables you to fine-tune the design, so that you can update the production process or take your customers’ requirements fully into account. Together with our principals we will examine the possibilities and limitations of the production. We also have the know-how to technically optimize the mold, resulting in a proper injection mold product.

The right prototype, the right product

In making the right prototype, the product can be judged perfectly on its exterior and functionality. We are happy to offer you all our expertise and techniques to realize your prototypes. The production (by means of 3D printing, injection molding...) usually takes place on site. However, it can also be done in our workshop or at a channel partner. We offer fast delivery, even for more complex prototypes.

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