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The Moldmaker is the leading specialist in molds. In addition to offering advice and problem solving, The Moldmaker also produces and repairs both large and small molds. We want to provide our customers with added value by offering care-free solutions in the field of a necessary evil in their production process: the mold. For OEMs, design agencies and injection molding companies we strive to be the partner that ensures that the development and production of the final product runs smoothly. We offer you advice at every stage of a product’s development process and also take care of the production of prototypes and molds. For this, we leverage all the expertise we have built up in years of production and continuous retraining, and also through our collaboration with the best producers of mold parts. Transparency and honesty are of the greatest importance to The Moldmaker: we provide the advice you need in complete confidentiality. In close collaboration with the customer, we strive to be a partner throughout the development of your product.


The Moldmaker’s aim is to provide advice to all companies requiring molds for the injection molding of plastic parts. Moreover, we want to offer support in the production, the execution of modifications and repairs and maintenance of the molds.

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