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A good product begins with the right mold. The Moldmaker develops molds using the best materials and following the highest quality standards. Through the years we have built up a large group of satisfied customers, both at home and abroad.

Innovative technology

With the consulting and prototype stage completed, all choices have been made for the production method and we can start the development. A most labor intensive process. Utmost precision and most innovative technology are used. We are very much aware that quality of the mold is of paramount importance for your final product.

Value for money

With over 40 years experience in mold production, our molds will bring your products to life. Because of our years of experience and expert employees we are able to construct even the most complex molds. Furthermore, you can count on great value for money. In order to achieve this, we collaborate with Belgian and foreign mold manufacturers and producers of parts. You are always assured of a short handling time and correct prices.

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