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For several decades The Moldmaker has guaranteed the development and production of sophisticated and high-quality molds. Moreover, numerous customers solicit our expertise for optimizing their production.


  • We are in daily contact with our automotive customers regarding possible calibrations or modification of existing molds. We also perform the maintenance of their molds and advise them regarding product optimizing.
  • A spin-off of Airbus came to The Moldmaker for very large, affordable molds with a high tolerance and a hardness of +60hrc. We found a solution that so far did not exist. Within eight weeks we realized the production in-house, with remarkable results.
  • For Litto we manufactured a prototype mold within 4 weeks, to convince the board of directors of the necessity of a RFID introduction in the gamma.
  • Renson called upon The Moldmaker for the realization of several, urgently needed products, prototypes and product molds.
  • We supported several leading injection molders in the micro injection molding field.
  • For Allibert we manufactured parts according to a sketch and we took care of the production preparation of parts that were difficult to inject.
  • Borit asked for our advice in the production possibilities for high productions with regard to hydrogen engines.
  • For Xala we solved problems to existing molds and production processes. We advised the partners.
  • For Deknudt Mirror Works we realized new ideas and carried out the manufacturing of parts.
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